The Lace Society library

Picture of some of the library booksThe Society has an extensive library of nearly 600 lace related books. These cover all aspects of lacemaking and the history of lace.

To browse the library and explore its treasures download the pdf lists through the following links.

Library list by author

Library list by reference

Rules for borrowing books from the library

  • Members may borrow free of charge for two months, ie, eight weeks from the date of receipt.
  • The borrower pays the postage both ways. On receipt of the book, note the postage, then enclose that amount when returning the book.
  • Payment should be made by cheque or postal order made payable to the Librarian.
  • The book may be kept for a further period following contact with the Librarian, either by phone or email. Such permission must be sought in advance of the deadline for returning the book and will be refused if the book is in demand.
  • A charge, currently 25p per week will be levied for the extra time.
  • Any member wishing to collect a book in person should phone the librarian first and be prepared to show his/her membership card validated by a current receipt.